Winter Windbreaks

Are you thinking that a little relief from the bite of Old Man Winter would be a good thing?   The staff at Knecht’s Nurseries and Landscaping can’t change the winter weather for you, but we can help you take some of the bite out of the cold winter winds.

Well positioned trees and shrubs can provide an excellent windbreak that greatly reduces the windchill factor.  Less winter wind not only makes moving around your yard much more comfortable, it can also make a pretty good dent  in your winter heating bills.  Shade trees, evergreen trees and large shrubs all can be used to cut the winter winds or provide needed shade in the summer.

Give us a call at our office – 507-645-5015 – to schedule a time for Leif Knecht or our designer, Amy Voight, to consult with you on making your outdoor spaces more comfortable in the winter,  your home less expensive to heat, and also easier to cool in the heat of summer.