The Winterberry… A beautiful shrub for the landscape.   A nice green accent during the growing season, and beginning in the late summer / early fall – the berries start to brighten to a brilliant red and holds the color through even the bleakest part of winter – January/February.

Winterberries are a member of the holly family – and unlike their relatives who are evergreen – the winterberry are deciduous shrubs – losing their leaves in the winter which makes for a prolific display of color!  Attracting birds is another attribute to this shrub.   The Cedar Waxwings may find the berries in the fall, but the berries being low in fat content – are the last to be eaten  by the birds in late winter. The leaves of the winterberry are pretty much lack luster, but the colorful berries certainly makes up it!

You will need a male and a female plant.  Pictured here is the Red Sprite Winterberry – reaching a mature height of 3′-4′ tall and wide.  The recommended male pollinator is the Jim Dandy Winterberry.  These  shrubs can be grown in full sun to partial shade.  Good for moist soils as well – or just regular site  conditions.

The Winterberry is currently on sale now here at our garden center!   We have the male – Jim Dandy – and the Red Sprite and Berry Heavy females.  Stop in and add wonderful fall and winter color to your landscape!