Winterberry in Winter!

I’ve had a number of people reach out with questions about the plants with the bright red berries.  These are winterberry bushes, and they are excellent additions to our Minnesota landscape.  Winter is long here, plants that provide color and interest during the snowy and brown months are often overlooked in spring and summer, as this is not their time to shine!  So adding them to your plans for spring is an excellent idea.

Fresh cut winterberry branches are wonderful additions to our seasonal arrangements too, both indoors and out, and they’re a favorite of Cedar Waxwings as they migrate south for winter.  Planting alongside or nearby evergreens creates a classic pairing that will be appreciated once the snow arrives.  Add the soft glow of some white outdoor twinkle lights in the snow beneath, and soon it will be your winterberries people are bringing me pictures of for identification.

Important planning information:  Female winterberries produce the fruit, and a compatible male winterberry is required for proper pollination to occur.  When you stop in next spring to take a closer look, you’ll see we have everyone and their partners clearly marked to ensure you will enjoy a bountiful berry display!