Wintergreen Arborvitae

Wintergreen Arborvitae are hard to beat for applications where a tall, hardy, dark green, fast growing privacy screen or windbreak is important to make the function and feel of a landscape just right.  Plant Wintergreen Arborvitae in a continuous straight or curving row, or group them in staggered clusters that are sited in the foreground /background and in between if a somewhat more naturalized look is desired.

Not only are Wintergreen Arborvitae very fast growing, they are also quite resistant to winter burn.  You seldom see a Wintergreen Arborvitae turn brown after a tough winter.

While some varieties of pyramidal arborvitae can splay apart during heavy wet snow or ice events, Wintergreen Arborvitae usually stand tall while other varieties are flopping.

A little patience is required after planting a group of Wintergreen Arborvitae.  Wintergreen Arbs grow so fast that they briefly have a thin lanky look.  With three to four years a four foot Wintergreen can become a beautiful 10-12 footer.  It is usually during the third year that the lanky look begins to disappear and the Wintergreen not only provides a good tall screen, but also develops a density that creates a handsome appearance.

Wintergreen Arborvitae grow to a mature width of about 8 foot and reach to about 35 feet tall.  Most spruce trees reach widths of 25 to 50 feet, necessitating a lot of space to get a decent screen.  A much narrower area of just 8-10 feet wide is all that is required for a screen of Wintergreen Arborvitae.

If you see an evergreen privacy screen in your future you may want to consider Wintergreen Arborvitae, and its two excellent  close cousins North Pole Arborvitae and American Pillar Arborvitae.  Both North Pole and American Pillar carry a strong dose of Wintergreen Arborvitae genetics, and perform extremely well in even narrower spaces than the Wintergreen and are plants designated as Proven Winner plants.

Come into our garden center for a look in mid-April.  We carry all these of hardy, fast growing upright arborvitae in our production and retail inventories.  Watch for our spring sales coupons via our e-news newsletter.