Wonderful Fragrance with Plum Trees

Some of the very best garden fragrance experiences are now happening as plum trees of all kinds are coming into full bloom all across Southern Minnesota.  Thickets of American Wild Plum in the countryside fill the air with sweet fragrance that you can catch even driving by them if you have your window down and the breeze is coming toward you from the plums.

Cultivated varieties of the plum family are also blooming such as North Star Cherry, Mesabi Cherry, Evans Bali Cherry, Meteor Cherry, superior Plums, Toka Plums, Pipestone Plums, Alderman Plums, Black Ice Plum and ornamental varieties including Newport Purpleleaf Plum.  Most of these also have very nice fragrance when blooming and the treat of some tasty fruit in mid to late summer.

Plum trees grow best in well drained soils with good organic matter content and plenty of sun.  Avoid soggy, poorly drained areas, and heavy shade.  A half day to full day of sun should keep your plum trees happy.